Lip Filler, Your Lips Your Way

Fuller Lips with Pharmaceutical Grade Lip Filling Hyaluronic Acid


Lip Filler (Augmentation)


Lip Filler for fuller more beautiful lips.  We do your Lips your way. Fine subtle enhancement or very full, it’s up to you. Great for Smokers Lines, above the Top Lip. We have 3 different grades of filler to achieve the look you want. 


From £150 for 1ml,  half mls not available.                 

 Always be carefull of any offer for half a ml.  Dermal Filller comes in 1ml sealed syringes for single client use.  If you are being offered half a ml ask your self  'who has this been used on before or who will be getting this after me'.  There is high risk of blood born virus and infection when syringes are shared and their contents are shared.


Text 07876744231 for a free consultation/appointment.

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