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Dermal Fillers, photos taken immediately after treatment. Filler will continue to expand over the coming days eliminating lines and wrinkles and filling out lips 





1ml Dermal Lip Filler for Client who wanted a Natural Fuller Lip.  Dermal Filler comes in different grades to acheive the level of fullness the client requires.  This is a medium grade filler. From £195 which include full numbing (not cream applied to lips).






Very Deep Facial Lines which lifted Immeadiatly with our highest grade of Dermal Filler.  Only 1ml was used for this treatment







Client had a lovely prominant lip but needed more fullness.  She noticed that when she smiled her lips 'disapeared' 1ml used for this procedure with full dental numbing.


Client had very heavy overhanging cheeks.  At consultation it was decided that she would need two different treatments to 'lift' this sagging. First  the highest grade of Dermal filler, 1ml, was used for this treatment.  As you can see the results just after treatment are quite dramatic, she was amazed. 3 weeks later the client had her PDO Thread Face Lift to tighten up the skin in her Cheeks and Jowels, she is now a regular client who by her own statements says she looks at least 15 years younger.




Mature Client who wanted to lift out the Deep Lines/Hollowes that ran from the corner of her eyes down to her cheeks, the Tear Trough.  Tera Trough treatment is a specialist treatment which requires patience and skill, always make sure your therapist is fully trained and insured for this procedure, needless to say that at Skin Deep we are.

                 Lips made Fuller with 1ml of  Dermal Filler, £195


                                            Facial Lines removed


Deep Facial Lines Eliminated, Lips Filled and the Cupids Bow Emphasised and Lips to Nose 'smokers lines' gone.  Corners of the Mouth Lifted. 2ml of filler used. 2ml Lips'n'Lines Package £360

Client has no profile to her lips, she wanted a full lip and to get rid of her top lip looking as if it sloped down. 1ml of DermalFiller

Soft Lip Filler for Client who didn't want Large Lips, Corners of mouth  lifted  and Naso Labia Lines also Eliminated with Dermal Filler.

Tear Trough treatment, as the Dermal Filler Absorbs Moisture the Eye Lines will continue to decrease, advanced technique.



































Deep Lines from Nose to Mouth Immediately after treatment, this will continue to improve over the coming days as the Dermal Filler fills & Hydrates the Skin.

Tear Trough Filler to Eliminate Dark Circles, Wrinkles & Soften Eye Bags.  This is a Highly Specialised Treatment by our Highly Qualified Team.

Deep frown lines where immediately lifted with Dermal Filler
Marionette Lines filled out and lines around lips removed, the full effect will be visible about 5 days after treatment
Client had no lip profile, natural shape & fullness with lip augmentation, client was delighted
Older client with very deep lines. Filler started to lift lines within minutes, full effect will be visible in about 5 days

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